Mega Bloks Dragon Universe Dual-Blast Hunter

I’ve had mixed feelings about the Mega Bloks Dragon Universe range. Whilst the larger kits are great for including more varied pieces than Lego’s similarly sized kits, some of the smaller pieces in the range seem to be more of a one hit wonder.

I reviewed the Mega Bloks Dragon Universe Dual-Blast Hunter (£29.99) as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme and the kit affirmed my feelings: if you’re buying into the range the larger kits definitely add more value than the smaller ones.

The Dual-Blast Hunter lets kids built an attack speeder and immortal dragon complete with missile launchers. It’s great fun and the dragon theme makes a change from a lot of the tv and movie tie-ins that have made their way into kids’ construction toys.

Unlike a lot of Lego kits, the Mega Bloks Dragon Universe Dual-Blast Hunter has features that go that bit further; a weapon that really fires and built in flight controller mean this kit can make sounds like engines and lasers and lights up. There’s not just the Hunter to build either; the set also comes with Iceblaze, a dragon, and Captain Cato and General Marcus Aurilius, two figures.

TB and my only complaint is that the Mega Bloks blocks don’t stick together quite as well as the Lego blocks, whether used with other Mega Bloks or with Lego blocks. Still, this is a good kit which interacts more than other construction kits; I’d definitely buy more of the series for TB.