Nintendo Wii Dance Juniors by Ubisoft

The nearly four year old Boy was given a copy of Dance Junior (Wii) to review with his little sister. His review goes something like this “me no want to go to bed now, this really really really good fun”. So there you have it; in a nutshell toddlers appear to love it.

Dance Juniors is like a kids version of Wii Dance which we love in our house. If your children like Boogie Beebies then this is the next step. There is quite a range of music (over 40 songs), although I have to admit I found the fact that the majority of it was not sung by the original artists, rather by kids, a bit irritating. My children didn’t seem to notice though and happily threw themselves around the room in a vague imitation of what was happening on the screen.

The kid friendly interface was ideal and does make it very simple for children, with a bit of training mine were able to play it without too much help. My main criticism for us is that at the age of ‘nearly four’ holding a Wii remote seems to hinder the co-ordination of dance movements. A little wrist strap adapter would have made it perfect. However this issue can only improve as the kids get older and more co-ordinated.

All in all, this has revitalized our evening toddler disco session and will be great fun when the childrens friends come round. It’s retailing for under twenty quid at the moment, so if your kids like dancing then you really can’t go wrong.