Britax Kidfix Car Seat

Garden Girl is feeling very grown up. Britax have just launched their new and improved range of child car seats and they very kindly sent us one for Garden Girl. We installed her new Britax Kidfix car seat a couple of weeks ago and she is so very proud because she gets to use an ‘adult seat belt’ with it. She has been telling everyone she knows that she has a new car seat and that it is brilliant. And through the eyes of a four year old it must be pretty brilliant.

The Britax Kidfix is a group 2/3 car seat which means it is suitable for children between 15-36kg, thats around about age 4 up till age 12. The seat itself is cushiony and soft and Garden Girl tells me it is much more comfortable than her previous seat. Pressing my hand down on the seat I tend to agree with her and a four hour car journey this weekend was completed with absolutely no complaints about comfort – boredom yes, but comfort was no problem.

There is, of course, the huge benefit for a little girl of no longer having to fasten a strap between her legs, crushing her party dresses and showing off her knickers. I can imagine how much more comfortable it is for her to be using a normal 3-point seat belt. Although safety must come before comfort and do not be tempted to move your child into a new seat before they have reached the required weight/height.

Buying a new car seat can be a bit confusing because not all seats suit all cars. However, Britax make it very simple for you to find the right seat to suit your child and your car. All you need to do is put your childs weight/age and your car’s make and model into their Fit Finder and they will work out which is the best seat for you. In this way you can be certain you are getting the safest and most appropriate seat for your child.

The Kidfix comes with an ISOFIT system which anchors the seat directly into the car using the ISOFIX connection points. This means that the seat is permanently fixed in place. You can also use the seat in a car that does not have ISOFIX connection points, but you would have to remember to strap the seat in before a journey, even when you have no child sitting in it. Without ISOFIX connection points, when you do have a child in the seat, the 3-point seat belt is used to hold both the child and the seat in place.

Another huge safety plus with this seat is that it has Optimum Side Impact Protection. This comes in the form of side wings which surround the head. These are padded and offer comfort as well as safety, with a soft cover which means your child will have no problem drifting off to sleep on long journeys.

Something I have noticed with other car seats is that the straps and the guides for the straps can often be quite fiddly. However with the Britax Kidfix it is very easy to ensure you have strapped your child in properly. The seat belt guides ensure that the seat belt is correctly positioned across your childs lap and shoulder but they are easy to use, so it doesn’t take a long time to strap your child into the seat. It really is quick and simple. And as your child grows, so does the seat, with an adjustable head rest that has a whopping 11 positions.

Fitting the seat was very simple and quick, with no questions over whether the seat was fitted properly, as it includes indicators which confirm that the seat is correctly in place. And when your child spills a drink or gets chocolate, mud, sticky sweets etc all over the seat you can just remove the cover and pop it in the washing machine. So the seat is practical as well as safe.

There are also optional accessories available separately, such as a drink and snack holder which would be handy for longer car journeys as well as spare covers and cooler, summer covers. There is also a range of colours to choose from so you can personalise the seat to suit your needs.

Garden Girl has given the seat her approval so there is no question over its comfort; she would have no hesitation in complaining if she didn’t like it; whilst Garden Dad and myself are impressed with the safety features, the ease of fitting the seat and the overall praticality of the design. We feel confident that Garden Girl is travelling safely and comfortably, which is exactly what we wanted from a car seat.

You can learn more about the Britax range of car seats on their website here.