Nakd snack bars

When you’re eating a Nakd snack bar you really have to concentrate on what you’re eating because the taste and texture given by the proper ingredients in the bar are transformed into something entirely different.

By “proper” ingredients, I mean when you look at the list of what goes into a Nakd bar, you’ll be able to recognise and pronounce all the ingredients. There are no chemical names that end in -ate, -rol or -iums in these snacks. In fact the one I just tucked into, the Nakd Cocoa Mint, has nothing in it but dates, cashew nuts, raisins, cocoa and mint. There are no added sugars or syrups, they’re not baked, just mashed up and pressed together.

I certainly couldn’t taste any of the constituent components whilst scoffing the bar down earlier and I’m rather partial to cashew nuts. Given the list of ingredients, as you’d suppose they’re free of rather a lot of things- gluten, wheat and animal products being the most obvious three. There are plenty of snacks out there that contain gelatine which render (pun intended) them unsuitable for vegetarians but Nakd are unashamedly vegan friendly.

The bars are ridged into little chunks so if you are inclined, its possible to break of chunks for demanding children but you’ll find it a struggle like I did because they’re pretty yummy. So there you go, a snack you can eat without feeling guilty about what you’re putting in yourself.