Pink Lining Change Bags

I love change bags. Personally, I think that they are the one thing that you should spend a bit of cash on when you have a baby. Or even better, your husband should buy you a really nice one just because! After all, there are very few bits of baby equipment that you use from birth until they are toddlers and very few things that are actually yours. Pink Lining changing bags are amongst the best and most desirable on the market and they are a brand which myself and one of my (rare) guest bloggers love. I was sent their latest bag to review before I pass it on to someone more worthy.

The NSPCC limited edition Pink Lining changing bag is a version of the best selling Yummy Mummy in Grey Bows. However, rather fabulously the signature pink lining has a beautiful drawing of a rainbow which Charlotte Pearl co-owner and designer has adapted from a child’s drawing.

The rainbow drawing was created by a little girl who attended an NSPCC project which aims to help children overcome abuse. The project used art therapy to help her express her feelings. At the end of the project she drew the rainbow as a symbol of achievement and her hope that she would feel happy in the future. I have to admit I didn’t realise the NSPCC did such projects using art therapy and I am now looking into seeing if they need anyone to help with them, as it really struck me as something that I would like to get involved with.

The bag itself actually doesn’t need much of a review, not only is it gorgeous, it is spacious and extremely well made. The bag features the distinctive pink lining and is equipped with two inbuilt insulated bottle holders, dividing pockets and pouches, popper fastened pocket on

outside for easy access, thick padded changing mat, wet zip bag to keep soiled babygros separate, adjustable shoulder strap (wear across body, over shoulder or from buggy handlebars), key fob, mobile phone pocket, pen holder and detachable mirror.

The fabric is waterproof and durable. I have taken it with me to a couple of places with the kids and shown it to my mummy friends. They all without fail said how beautiful and practical it is. In terms of capacity, its a huge bag, I can fit Fifi’s nappy changing stuff, both childrens spare clothes, Boys A4 speech therapy folder, snacks, drinks and two soft toys with space.

This bag retails for seventy five pounds, which I think is extremely reasonable for it compared to many of the other designer changing bags on the market. In fact, I guarantee that this will be the best seventy five quid you spend when you have a baby. Not only will you love it, but the NSPCC will also benefit; Pink Lining will be donating a minimum of £1000 from the sale of the limited edition bags to the NSPCC, so that they can continue to help children overcome abuse.

These limited edition bags are available now from Pink Lining, whilst you are on the site check out some of their other stuff. They sell the most fantastic kids ruck sacs, perfect if you are looking for an usual birthday present.