Fisherprice Little People Animal Sounds Farm

When it comes to committing to a ‘range’ of toys you need to think carefully. The possibilities are endless and you don’t really want to end up with two or three different sets of toys from that range. If you see what I mean! From early on I noticed that many of the playgroups and other places we visited had toys from the Little People range, so I decided that we would buy the Little People Garage. It proved an instant hit from about 8 month old and at nearly 4 the boy still plays with it with his little two year old sister.

I think the value in Little People is that fact that they are so kid friendly; the little figures simply don’t have any bits that can be snapped off. They can be chewed, trodden on, mixed and matched and are quite simple indestructible and safe. In fact that goes for the rest of the range in my experience, its all really durable and well made.

We were sent the Little People Farm set and it was great anticipation that we opened the box and set it up. For some reason we already had a stray lama and rabbit so they joined the farm. The farm has all the appropriate animal sounds and comes complete with a few animals. At two years old Fifi has delighted in playing with it and we have spent quite a lot of time talking about the animals. At nearly four I would suggest that Boy is nearing the limit of the age range for the toy, however he has bristled with pride when explaining the animals to Fifi. It actually brought a little tear to my eye.

One of the best things about the farm is that it blends in the the rest of the range, all the people and animals are interchangeable. This meant that the Little People from our garage could go on trips to the farm and be the right scale. It all worked seamlessly, so much so we put away all the other toys and spent a week playing purely with Little People. It was really stress free, no tantrums about figures not fitting cars, bits missing and worries about breakage.

I cant believe that this toy actually retails for under thirty pounds. If you have a baby and you are considering buying them a toy which will last them for a few years then this one has to be top of your list. We give it four out of five stars in this house!