On a Stick 80 Party Perfect Recipes by Matt Armandariz

We were sent a free review copy of On a Stick because many of the recipes are perfect for kids parties and snacks, alongside the adult dinner party appetisers. I have to admit I liked the look of the photography, so was keen to see more. There is nothing like a nice photograph of food to make you feel all warm and cosy inside.

When the book came it didn’t disappoint on the photography front. Reading through the recipes there were several which seemed appealing and a nice mix between sweet and savory ideas. I think this is the key to this book, there wasn’t anything in it that struck me as particularly difficult or unusual, but it provided absolutely tons of ideas. I have already cooked Dak Sunkaj which is a traditional Korean skewers recipe which uses chicken, carrots and scallions (spring onions).

Some of the recipes are perfect for kids (and to be honest they don’t all have to be ‘on a stick’). The mini skewered pizzas were a great idea. I tried the Berries ‘n’ Buttermilk Smoothie Ice Cream Pops which were probably 3 million times easier to make than the Annabel Karmel equivalent. My children enjoyed these a lot and I can see these being a regular desert.

The idea of putting little cakes on sticks and then dipping them in frosting, chocolate and then sprinkles is a wonderful one for getting the children involved with cooking. It’s one that I have planned this week, alongside another healthy idea; cocktail cubes- basically little fruit filled cubed lollipops.

All in all, I have really enjoyed this recipe book. Not only does the food look yummy, it’s given me lots of ideas to adapt for my children and use for parties. lets face it, you can’t really go wrong with a book that suggests the idea of red and white sangria lollipops though can you? The authors blog Matt Bites is considered one of the 50 best food blogs by London Times Online. I’m off to have a read to see if I can learn even more from him.

On a Stick comes out in March ISBN 9781594744891 |£9.99| Paperback