Our 3 year old is getting better but for most of his life he was determined not to put any foodstuff that was vaguely warm in his mouth. Cries of “too hot!” were almost the first things he said. It was partly our fault because we never warmed his milk when he was a baby, rationalising that if we could get him used to having it cold, we wouldn’t need to endlessly faff around with bottle warmers in the middle of the night.

Well if only the rather excellent coolfan had been around a couple of years ago, we could have avoided all sorts of aggrevation. As you can see from the picture, it sits above the food and blows a steady stream of air over the food to cool it down. This has many benefits over the alternatives we’ve tried. Cooling on the window sill leaves the food prey to insects in the summer and tends to cool everybody elses in the winter, blowing over the food can spread yucky germs and fishing his food out early and letting it cool naturally tends to mean he has undercooked food or ours is a soggy mess.

blusmall[1]We tried the coolfan on our two year olds dinner for a week. She loves her food and will cram whatever we put in front of her straight in her chops. If it’s too hot, she’ll cry and spit it out but try another mouthful with the same results. Speading the food out and putting the plate under the coolfan did make quite a difference to the temperature. Like the instructions make clear, we still spot tested for temperature before giving her the food but it did make a clear difference.
Attractively decorated and reasonably priced at £9.99, the coolfan is a good way to stop hungry little kids getting upset over their food and is a safe hygenic alternative to other cooling options.