Milk & More delivery service

Do you ever realise that you need milk or bread for breakfast when the local supermarket has shut? Well, we do all the time and thats why Milk and More has proved a godsend for us, you see, if you order on line before 9 o’clock in the evening you get it delivered first thing in the morning with your milk. I can think of nothing more convenient to a disorganised family!

We were given some credit to give the service a really thorough test. Over the past couple of weeks we have ordered a range of products, some of them are brilliant like the Yeo Valley Yogurts, Kingsmill bread and so forth. However, there are also quite a few rather odd brand names represented, you know the sorts of brands you have never heard of but which are present in your ‘local’ shop. Having said that, none of them have proven to be of poor quality, just not names we were necessarily familiar with.

There is of course also a price premium on a service like this, even if it is offset by the delivery being free, however for us it proved worthwhile due to the ease and flexibility of it. I cant tell you how helpful it is to be able to go online and order stuff easily for the next day. However the website is a bit clunky and I cant for the life of me work out how to change our ‘regular’ order days without cancelling them each week or closing my account.

The other slight issue is that if you do make a big food order you need to make sure you are around when the milkman delivers and to be honest it can be at quite irregular times. Some of it will depend on where you are in the milkman’s round, for example we’re quite near the end of ours, so we tend to get deliveries around 11am. That’s been okay over winter and spring but when things warm up we’re going to have to look to putting a cool bag out with an ice block or two in them.

Overall, this is a brilliant service, if you stick to the brand names and are prepared to pay a slight price premium (although there are weekly offers) you cant go wrong. Heck, we even had some gro-bags delivered this morning for our tomato plants!