My All Grow’d Up Cup

my-all-grow-d-up-cup-301217[1]My All Grow’d Up Cups solve a problem you might not have consciously been aware of but has not doubt niggled at the back of your mind for a while if you have kids and car seats that don’t have a cup holder.

Happy Hollydaisy describe their My All Grow’d Up Cup like this:

A drinking beaker in a holder that affixes to your child’s car window the fridge or the patio doors by means of 3 suctions pads. This clever invention prevents drivers from having to take their hands off the steering wheel and their eyes off the road to give their toddler a drink in the car. It also prevents drinks being left all over the house as kids just love to pop the cup back in the holder as when they do so its makes an elephant sound.

This is a work of genius really. A lot of the stage 1 car seats don’t have a cup holder so wifey usually gets a crick in her neck leaning round to give Fifi a drink. Every 3 minutes (she likes to get us at it). Since we took delivery of the My All Grow’d Up Cup, this has become if not a thing of the past, then a thing of considerably reduced occurrence. The elephant noise is a good incentive for a child to put the beaker back into the holder that’s firmly affixed to the windows rather than throwing it with glee onto the floor (more often than not anyway). The 3 suckers do a good enough job of holding the holder on to the window, even in the heat we had over the weekend but perhaps the best design feature is the off button for the elephant noise. If only the toy manufacturers were as conscientiousness about including this nifty feature.

Priced at a reasonable £12.99 online, the My All Grow’d Up Cups are a handy addition for long (or short) car rides if you don’t have cup holders in the back.