The Age of the Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum London

It’s not a novel experience for a museum curator used to putting on exhibitions and going to see private views to go to a private view. However, on this occasion it was, as I have never been to a private view aimed at bloggers. It was good to meet a few familiar tweeters and bloggers, including the team behind @nhm_london and have the chance to see the Natural History Museum’s fantastic new exhibition The Age of the Dinosaur.  I love this sort of thing and it was especially good as we were not able to get our fossil fix this week at the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival so this more than made up for it.

For geeks the exhibition showcases the Mezozoic Age with some fabulous fossils and dramatic artwork. You can see the most amazing fossil skulls and try your hand at being a palaeontologist  with some great computer interactives.

But you don’t want to know about that really do you? No, want you want is realistic animatronic dinosaurs and this exhibition has them in spades.

I liked the Archaeopteryx

Unfortunately little four year old Boy suddenly decided they were so realistic sitting there in their habitats that he was petrified. I think this is a good thing. In fact he got himself so worked up he had an enormous meltdown in the shop and the corridor outside and the toilets and on the tube. Nevermind.

The exhibition is a real experience, you can touch sharks teeth, see an Archaeopteryx fossil, be amazed at giant ammonites (we went fossil hunting for them), you can discuss stuff, chat and marvel at just how cute the animatronic baby dinosaurs are. Just make sure you get there nice and early or book online, I anticipate a crush. Make sure you check out their website, its full of facts including a brilliant dinosaur directory which I actually use for reference at work. Once you have visited the exhibition you’ll also get access to loads of activities you can do at home. We have had hours of fun with these and it is well worth the cost of the tickets alone.Yet another reason to take the kids!