Feather and Black Childrens Pyjamas

Feather and Black is one of those shops which I love going in, they sell the most wonderful range of bed linens and furniture. To be honest I thought that was it, however a little look on their website shows just how much stuff you can buy. I wish someone had pointed me in that direction when I was first decorating the kids rooms. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked by them if I would like a couple of pairs of pyjamas for Fifi and Boy.

Boy was sent the Jaws Pyjamas which he fell in love with the minute he saw them. For eighteen quid they were more expensive than I would have normally spent (unless they were organic). However, I am a bit mean and I am rapidly coming the the conclusion that buying cheap is a false economy. These pyjamas were perfect for Boy, although he is 4 and was sent a 5-6 year old size which fitted perfectly.

Fifi was sent the Felicity Pyjamas which like Boy, she loved straight away. I loved these as they matched her bedroom perfectly and she looked so cute tucked up in bed wearing them. Again, I would say the sizing was a little bit small as I don’t think they will fit her for that long.

In terms of quality both pyjamas are made from the softest cotton jersey I have come across in a long time. They have been washed a few times now and have come up good as new. I’m really impressed, in fact I have actually bought some more for the kids, you cant get higher praise than that.

Thanks Feather and Black, if you fancy sending me an adult quilt…