Review: Brolly Sheets

Fifi has just got her first bed and as luck would have it she was given a Brolly Sheet to test out on it! Brolly Sheets are one of those ideas that you wish you had thought of yourself. Basically they are a waterproof absorbent sheet with a cotton top which means that you can pop one over the fitted sheet. I love this idea as I am forever having to strip Boys bed because of night-time accidents.

Brolly sheets were invented in New Zealand by Diane who was fed up with changing bedding in the middle of the night when her children had accidents in the night.  She couldn’t find anything on the market that would offer a quick solution, so she created it herself. They have just launched here in the UK.

I asked for a pink one for Fifi and I have to admit, it was a slightly brighter pink than I anticipated. It washed up really well and so far has stayed pretty soft and comfortable, despite line drying.  I was a bit worried that there would be a ridge in her bed which might be tempting for her to fiddle with and get tangled in.So far, so good. I don’t think she has really noticed. 

One thing I have noticed, my anticipated washing amounts have dramatically reduced as now I only have to was one sheet when we have a nappy leak. I’m getting one for Boy next, not only is this better for the environment in reducing the amount of washing I’m doing its got to be cheaper overall. It’s one of the best twenty five quids you’ll spend on kid stuff.

These are a great invention, I would think that they are also great for any elderly or infirm relatives. I can see them rapidly becoming a toddler essential. Find out more at their website.