Times Table Games from The Green Board Game Co.

Do you want to have fun, educate your children and be environmentally responsible? Yes? Then the Green Board Game Company is for you! No? Then check out the Green Board Game Company anyway as they have some great products!

We have been lucky enough to have samples of the times table lotto and times table snap to play with for the last couple of weeks. Small Boy, aged six (and a half!) is enthralled! He is loving the fact that none of the snap cards match, but you can still ‘snap’ if the answers match, and the same with the lotto – where you can cover your card with any matching answer. I know this sounds mad – but let me explain.

The game sets have several formats of cards – digits, numbers as words, sums and pictorial representations of numbers, so, for example if you have a card with eight on it, you can match it with 8, 4×2, 8×1, ::::, and so on – as long as the answer is the same. I was really surprised by how quickly Small Boy got the hang of it and we were able to play a simple ‘like for like’ match version of the lotto game with his little sister too.

Both the lotto and the cards are really well made, with lovely bold print and clear instructions. They are aimed at age 7+ and have two levels of play which keeps the enthusiasm up. Both can also be played alone as a ‘pairs match’ type game and the Snap comes with a handy ‘self checking’ guide for ‘those’ times when you just can’t get 9×4!

The range of subjects covered by the Green Board Game Company’s products is, frankly, enormous. Take a peek on their website (which is a trade website – but does give stockist lists – including Amazon) and see for yourself.

Small Boy said to me “Mummy – do we get to keep these games forever? They’re Awesome!” I have heard this before, but never, ever have I seen him choose to take something that is not a ‘toy’ to show and tell. He chose the Times Table Snap – Awesome!