Paultons Park, home of Peppa Pig World

We're here!

We were lucky enough to start our holiday this year with a visit to Paultons Park in Hampshire, home of the new Peppa Pig World. We have been to Paultons before but this was the first time both children have been old enough to appreciate it.  Small Boy is 6 and a half and his little sister nearly 4, so she was just the right sort of age for Peppa Pig World.

In short – Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World are ( in my opinion) a great family day out, good value for money, superbly clean and has lots of tiny things that make your day easier. The lockers at the entrance to leave your picnic or swimwear, buggies for hire, lost children stickers, integral child seats in all the toilets and I could go on. There are attractions to suit all ages and these are well set out, and well signposted, with gentle rides close to the larger thrill ride queues so there is something to do whilst waiting for braver members of the family. Alongside the rides,there are splash parks, playgrounds and many birds and animals to see, all set in beautiful gardens which are extremely well tended. There seems to be something fascinating around every corner.

Enjoying the Freebie!

Paultons advertise that everything is free once in the park, obviously you wouldn’t expect that to include food or the prize stands, but we did get caught out on one. I don’t know what they are called but the children get into a big ball, which are on a pool and run about on the water. Small Boy wanted a turn, I said yes, thinking it was a ‘ride’  but when we got there we were asked for £5 per child. I thought this was too much and ended up with a very sad boy and felt like a very mean Mum. That said, food and ice cream was available at various outlets throughout the parks and was reasonably priced so that cheered up the boy!  There are also several of the little ‘character’ rides you see outside supermarkets dotted around the park and these are all free! They were almost always empty as I think most parents hadn’t realised this, so keep that bit a secret!

Well I think that sums up perhaps all you need to know but for more detail, please read on.

We met some friends with children of similar ages to our own and started our day in the Splash Park, (well, the children did!) and then played in one of the many play areas whilst we had our picnic. After lunch, we split up – older boys and Dads to the go-karts and ‘thrill’ rides and Mums and little’uns to Peppa Pig World. I don’t think any of us could contain our excitement as we made our way through the Dinosaur walk to the other side of the park. We passed so many exciting things along the way that we were there in no time.

Paultons have excelled themselves here. The feeling that you’ve walked into a book is brilliant with the cartoon houses and trees and Grandpa Pig there to meet you and Windy Castle in the distance – I could go on. The kids were amazed, I don’t think either of them took a breath for a whole minute – they didn’t know where to go first. We decided on the windy castle ride and as it was a nice day in the school holidays we joined the queue, which was very long. Whilst in the queue, we were able to take in some of the surroundings. The attention to detail is astonishing, from the ‘muddy puddles’ splash park to the rainbow paths weaving their way through the play equipment, all of which is a perfect size for Little Peppa fans. We could see the Museum, Peppas house and the Schoolroom, ( from which Peppa and George make regular appearnces) as well as Miss Rabbits Helicopters and the School Bus. There was so much to see whilst waiting that we hardly noticed the (just over!) half an hour waiting time.  The ride, as with all others in Peppa pig world, was suitable for all sizes and was great fun.

Peppa summoning up a storm!

I could go into detail about all the other rides at  Peppa Pig World but the website will show you what you need to know, and we didn’t get to go on all of them. One we did go on was the George Pig Dinosaur ride, which was great fun but the queue was huge. This was, I think, mainly due to the height restrictions whereby small children rode with a parent on a dinosaur, but if the child was over a certain height they had to ride alone and there was no easy ‘get out’ route for accompanying adults, so most took up a dinosaur to follow their charges to the end. Judging by the expressions on many of the faces, I think most adults would prefer to walk across to the end to meet their children, if provision was made for this.

One of the things I liked most about Peppa Pig World was that the Gift Shop was at the back, in the corner. Obvious if you want to visit but equally easy to avoid, so you have a choice whether to spend your money or keep the small people in the dark, which is what we did. This set up is the same on the way out of the main park too, where there are two shops, and you have to make a consious decision to get into them – there is no feeding everyone in to initiate the pester factor.

Having had our fun, it was time to meet up with the rest of the party and hear them raving about the Go-Kart track and the Dragon Ride. We then headed for the Penguin Pool, just in time for feeding, which we all enjoyed, and then to the Meerkats – well who can resist?!

With the weather deteriorating and time running out we decided to do one more thing – my choice, selfishly, was Cobra, and I’m glad I did. A proper white knuckle, grown up roller coaster! It made my day! So with everyone happy, we followed the crowds to the car park and spent the next hour waiting to get out! Next time we’ll take a picnic tea too so it won’t matter how long it takes and there will most definitely be a next time. I can honestly say that this trip has been the highlight of my daughters summer, she keeps asking to go back, and I know the rest of the family would be happy to too.