Back to School with Matalan

I’ll be honest, I’ve only ever bought one item of clothing from Matalan in my life. I was surprised how many comments I got about it though. I have bought homewares before and the kids have been handed down a lot of clothes which has suggested to me that they are very hard wearing. So when they offered me fifty quid to buy Boys school uniform I couldn’t really turn down the offer.

Did you even know Matalan did school stuff? I didn’t but it’s very reasonably priced and seems to be good quality, we got loads of it for the cash and I had money left over to splurge on hairclips, socks and an umbrella for Fifi. Gosh, they sell a surprising amount of stuff in their shop. I really like the girls range of school stuff in particular this pinafore which retails between £6 and £7: 50, I shall be looking here for Fifi when shes old enough. Lets face it boys stuff, is boys stuff so I bought all the appropriate items for the little fella but I’m not going to go into the details because frankly who wants to see a pair of school trousers! The quality seems as good as anything else I have bought so I am pleased with it all and what was really great was that I could buy the whole lot in one shop, job done, brilliant.

I had a little look at the womens clothes, but at five months pregnant there wasn’t a lot for me at the moment, although there was some  nice stuff and I shall be taking the hubby along when we have the baby to treat me to some new outfits. I do really like this bag though so I’m adding that to my wish list.

In terms of other stuff which I think is great value, you need to check out their wellies. They have some great Ben 10 ones at the moment which Boy is desperate for. There are some really lovely picture frames and cushions in the homeware section and I have to admit I indulged Fifi’s girliness by letting her go mad in the hair accessory section which has a three for one deal.

All in all, I was actually very surprised at what they have in store and if you are looking for a cheap way to update your wardrobe I don’t think you can go too far wrong. That’s obviously why they always  have such a long queue! If you want to avoid the queues  don’t forget they have a website which also provides lots of ideas on complete outfits, something that is very handy…