Garden Games Fairy Princess Tent

Sometimes you get a chance to review something which you would have absolutely killed for when you were a child and this was one of those opportunities. The Fairy Princess Tent is the most gorgeous little outdoor tent you will come across. Very girly, but evidently (according to my son) appealing to little lads (he liked the flag in particular) the tent is one of those items which now we have, we cant live without.

Due to it being October, myself and the husband decided that in order to test it we would put the tent up in the living room. We are lucky in that we have a big lounge/ dining room so space wasn’t an issue.

The tent was easy to put together and really well made. The poles are made from wood and the frame is very rigid, the outside is made from good quality cotton and it all seems to be exceptionally robust. Every visitor to the house has been impressed with the tent, which retails at just under eighty quid. Quite pricey, but actually in my opinion worth every penny.

I have to say that you cant really go wrong with a tent for the kids, it keeps mine amused for hours. In fact, every single cushion in the house is now in the tent, making it like a comfortable little hareem. They have been playing games in there, sitting quietly and having the most hilarious comversations which they think I cant hear from the outside!

In terms of service, the tent arrived really promptly was well packaged and I received lots of emails for tracking purposes. I was really impressed with the service from Garden Games. I will shop with them again and I’m grateful to them for providing me with a little bit of peace whilst the children sit in the tent!