Barbie: A Perfect Christmas

Barbie: A Perfect Christmas is a must have film to add to your Christmas collection if you have young children. My five year old daughter absolutely loved it and before it had even finished she was asking when she could watch it again. And her younger brother (3 years old) was also tapping his foot to the songs and giggling along when things went slightly awry for Barbie and her sisters.

The plot is simple. Barbie and her sisters have big plans to spend Chirstmas in New York, but when a snowstorm diverts their plane they face spending Christmas in a remote hotel in the village of Tannebaum. Disappointed that they will no longer have the ‘perfect Chrismas’, the girls start to explore the village, make new friends and begin to understand that being together is what makes Christmas perfect.

What I particularly loved about this film is that there was no villain or scary bits. This does not mean that the film lacked suspence, but it did mean Garden Girl and Garden Boy never had to hide behind a cushion and were able to enjoy the whole film. All in all Barbie: A Perfect Christmas is a charming, happy and humourous film with some good songs and a heartwarming message about the true magic of Christmas. I loved it too!

This feel-good festive film, was released today (7th November 2011) on DVD and Digital Copy and is available to buy from a number of retailers including Amazon here.