Grease Dance on Xbox 360 Kinect

I’ve got chills (it’s probably the heating, I’ve turned it down) and they’re multiplying (perhaps I’m getting the flu actually) because Grease Dance has come at me out of nowhere and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Grease Dance is an incredibly polished dance game, and we’ve reviewed a few of those recently here haven’t we, based around the cult film. A cult film I’ve never actually seen the whole way through in one go but have probably over the years pieced enough viewings together to see the majority of it.

Rather than using the actual characters from the film, the game uses stylish representations of Sand and Danny (yes, I had to look their names up on IMDB, I am that rubbish) but it doesn’t detract in the slightest because the cartoon nature of the art fits perfectly with the overall style of the game. Grease Dance just oozes production quality, from the main menu where you get a different note from the main riff of Summer Nights as you hover over each option, to all the hidden easter eggs. 505 Games should be really proud of themselves. If they ever do Mary Poppins Dance, I’ll be all over it like a rash.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features is, with the aid of a wireless (or wired if that’s all you have) Xbox mic, there is also a Lips style karaoke mode as well. I had a pop at Greased Lightening first off and I have to tell you I was surprised how saucy the lyrics were. Not that it stopped me being supremely excellent at it of course, plenty of filth has spewed forth my mouth over the years.

On easy mode it’s capable of making even the most left footed embarrassing dad feel like he’s achieving something but there is a real challenge in there if you ratchet up the difficulty level. I’ve actually found it difficult to write this review as I literally couldn’t stop playing it. It’s ten to eleven at night now and wifey has been in bed asleep for hours.

The multiplayer looks pretty good, I’ll admit at this stage, with a wife who is 8 months pregnant, I’ve not actually tested it out but it will be an incentive for her to go into labour punctually so we can get some gaming in.

All in all then, out of all the dance/fitness games I’ve turned my hand to over the last year or so, this is probably the best. I love the addition of the karaoke, that really helps you immerse yourself in Grease, and lets face it you’re probably singing along as you’re dancing anyway aren’t you? Grease Dance is out now, we tested the Xbox 360 Kinect version but its also out on PS3 Move and Wii. You can buy the Kinect version from Amazon for £24,99, which considering Dance Central 2 is still £40 or so is an absolute steal. Haven’t had so much fun in ages!