Just Dance Kids on Wii

Just over a year ago we reviewed Just Dance 2 on the Wii. We loved it back then, as did the kids since it only had a PEGI rating of 3 years and older. One of the things that makes Just Dance generally great for kids is they’re not penalised for getting stuff wrong, they can just dance like crazy and have some fun.

Just Dance Kids adds to this with a mechanic that’s aimed purely at kids. The dance moves and the menus has been simplified to make it much easier for kids to play and navigate around the game, Our four year old knows his way round our Boxee Box but has struggled with videogames and this is simple enough for him.

The songs, and there are over 40 of them, are a great mix of nursery rhymes and classic pop songs. I for one enjoyed doing In the Jungle, a real 80’s classic (well the Tight Fit version was anyway!). For slightly older kids there are some more modern pop songs like Miley Sirus and some big lad called Sean Kingston but it really comes into it’s own for stuff like Jingle Bells at the moment. If we can get the kids to play that enough, they can do a dance routine on Christmas Day for their grandparents.

The kids themselves recognised a lot of the songs, they’re a mixture of film tracks, TV and classics along with the aforementioned nursery rhymes. Kudos for including something from Gnomeo & Juliet, which was the boys favourite film this summer.

I liked the way I could pop into the settings and not just see what the kids had been playing but also how long they’d been at it for. We do like to limit their time playing videogames, even ones like this that are dance based. On occasion they’ve got a little too competitive.

We’ve played dance games on the Xbox 360 Kinect recently and whilst they’re much better at accurately mapping your movement than the Wii, Nintendo’s console is a lot easier for kids to use. Sort of six of one, half a dozen of the other really. But if you’ve got kids that like bopping around to music on the stereo, then you can’t really go wrong with Just Dance Kids.

Just Dance Kids is out now on Nintendo Wii and you can get it for the princely sum of £22.49 from Amazon and other retailers. It is also available on Xbox 360 (with Kinect) and PS3 (with Move).