Octonauts Backpack

The Mummy Reviews team was asked if we would like to become reviewers for the BBC Shop and having had a good look at what was on offer we were really happy to help out.

We were gifted this Octonauts Backpack for review purposes. It retails at £10.99 has 2 padded straps, 2pockets and is a perfect size for the tiny Octonauts fan in your household. The bag is unusual because unlike most of the other little backpacks I have seen for this age group the image is not a transfer which can rub off, rather it’s a sort of sealed shiny material which is actually part of the backpack.

In terms of size it’s perfect for the 2- 5 year old age group and ideal for playgroup and days out. My little girl is a massive Octonauts fan so she was thrilled with it. There’s not a lot else to say, if your child loves Octonauts and needs a backpack then you won’t find anything else to do trick! Repeat after me, “Explore, Rescue, Protect!”
You can buy the Backpack at the BBC Shop here.