Morbs Battle Fortress by Flair

morbs-battle-fortress-playsetMorbs are a big favourite in our house with Small Boy. He has a few and plays with them a lot! Up until now we have just had the singles but Flair were kind enough to send us a Morbs Battle Fortress to review, so here goes….

For the uninitiated, a Morb is a ‘Morphing Orb’ which is a ball about the size of a table tennis ball with a big face on. When you throw them at something, or drop them on the floor, they morph into little men. That is, a little body springs out and they become little aliens. Sometimes quite a force is required to get them to open but Small Boy sees this as a bonus, not a drawback! The bodies then tuck back in so they can roll into battle again. The Battle Fortress is quite small, about 20cm high, I thought it looked bigger in the pictures, and comes with a Morb firing cannon and an exclusive Morb Battle Orb. The Fortress itself comes in several pieces which slot together to build the wall for the Morbs to be fired at.  It is designed to fall to bits when hit, which is another plus point for Small Boy. The cannon is air powered and needs quite a sharp push to get the Morbs to fire effectively, but there is a technique to it and Small Boy (almost 7) didn’t take long to acquire it.

The Morbs range is quite impressive, starting with single blind packs, which retail at a couple of pounds. This makes them very collectible and popular with Small Boy and several of his friends. There are larger items, like the MegaMorb and the Super Sonic Jet which make excellent presents for Christmas and birthdays, and would keep any Morb fan happy. Morbs are also a good size – small enough to pop in a pocket but big enough not to get lost too easily.  They’d be great in party bags too.

As a parent, I suppose I was a little disappointed with the size of the Battle Fortress – the name alone makes it sound large. However, I think that maybe I need to remember that Small Boy is, well, small and things must seem bigger to him.  He is absolutely happy with the Battle Fortress and with Morbs in general.  He loves firing them, setting up little soldiers and bowling them over and launching his Morbs down the stairs to see which will ‘morph’ first. He’s given all his Morbs names and likes to keep records of how they do in battle!

The Morb Battle Fortress is widely available and retails at around the £20 mark. You can currently grab yourself a bargain at Amazon, who are selling it at £14.99.