We were given a BabaSling to review. I’m keen on baby slings and have used a couple in the past both of which I enjoyed using and which I was really pleased to pass on after Sophie as I knew they would be well used and enjoyed.

The BabaSling has the advantage over many other slings in that you don’t need to tie it up in a really complicated fashion, you just pull the straps to adjust it and clip it together. Easy. It retains its fit well so you don’t need to redo it ever single time, although it’s worth checking the fit, just in case.

The thing I liked about the sling is the variety of positions in which you can hold the baby. I tend to favour two ways so at the moment I’ve stuck with these. However as little Ned gets older I’ll probably experiment a bit more. I have to say, I do feel very confident about carrying Ned in this sling for a long time. With other slings I’ve used I have found that they become loose and the baby slowly slips downwards, because this is not reliant on a tie, it’s very secure and doesn’t do that. I would say though, that it’s taken me a bit of practice to put Ned in so he is comfortable and not crunched up, sticking in me and moaning to himself. He has long legs and I think this could be an issue with one of the positions as he gets older as they sling won’t be big enough.

The size of the sling in terms of the wearer is great. I can say this with confidence as it’s big enough to fit my husband who is rather big, he’s 6ft 4 and about 17 stone. This is unlike many of the other slings he has tried and is a clear benefit. Furthermore, in terms of materials, there is a great range of colours to pick from and the material is excellent quality. It feels a really well made, quality baby product.

Overall, all I think the fact that I’ve been complimented by a few of the school mums (I have been using it a lot for the school run) and asked where they can get one speaks volumes. My only issue is whether or not as Ned gets bigger there will be too much strain placed on one shoulder in terms of weight, but time will tell and I will come back  and let you know. 

If you want to have a go yourself you can find out more and look at the whole range of colours here at the BabaSling website.