Widgy Nursing Pillow

I was really kindly given a Widgy Nursing Pillow to review just before Ned was born, now he is with us I have had plenty of time to give it a good run for its money. The first thing I have to say is that the one I have really does have the cutest design. I love it, I’m told its a special one in a design called Birdie which you can only buy from John Lewis but there is a wide variety of styles to pick from on the website here

The thing which is very handy about the Widgy Nursing Pillow is that its shaped so you don’t need to fiddle about trying to stack the sofa cushions into a suitable shape before you begin nursing. I’m not very good at balancing babies so this has been a real help. The only slight issue I have is that although I’m a 12/ 14 size its a little bit on the small side when wedged around my middle, however I suspect that it will fit perfectly in a couple of weeks when I lose a few baby pounds. The midwives were certainly very impressed with how easy it was for them to assist me in feeding the baby and positioning him properly.

I’m told that you can also use the pillow as a baby nest when they get a bit older which will also be very handy. I think this must be in part due to the fact that its quite solid as opposed to fill with lots of little loose balls like some other nursing pillows. The cover comes off and is cotton so washes well.

All in all, I think this is a very a worthwhile pregnancy investment which you’ll be using after the baby is born for quite some time!