ABBA You Can Dance

abba[1]These dance games tend to fall on one of two points,either the selection of music or the dance mechanic. If you’re an ABBA fan, you don’t need to read much further, the dance mechanic is brilliant and you should buy it for parties, and the odd quiet Tuesday night in.

Since we received ABBA You Can Dance from Ubisoft, wifey has either been enormously pregnant or in possession of a newborn, so it fell to me to try the game out. As a couple we’re veterans of this sort of game, but veteran doesn’t necessarily mean any good. Fortunately ABBA You can Dance is pretty forgiving to beginners.

It shares much in common with the excellent Grease Dance we reviewed recently, right down to the karaoke mode. We found Grease slightly more polished and enjoyed it’s cartoony characters that we had to copy on screen. With ABBA, you get cleverly anonymous motion captured dancers.The girls on SOS have nice thighs, randomly passed through my head as I was attempting some wiggly arm move to represent SOS.

Games like this aren’t brilliant to play on your own, especially on the Wii as you don’t have the online functionality of the Xbox 360 BUT as soon as you get a bunch of mates round, you will definitely have a great time as that is the exact sort of situation this game is made for. And yes, I did look stupid playing it, as wifey helpfully pointed out to me incessantly.

ABBA You Can Dance is out now on a number of formats, including Wii 360 and PS3. The Wii version costs £17.99 from Amazon at the moment.