Playmobil My Take Along 123 Noah’s Ark (set 6765)

When my little boy was tiny I was really pleased to discover that Playmobil did a range of toys especially for under three year olds. Playmobil is just such lovely stuff, really tactile and nicely made. It’s great for role playing so it’s wonderful to find some that doesn’t have all the tiny parts (choking hazards) which the stuff suitable for older kids has. For Playmobil 123 think really solid chunky people and animals with lots of rounded corners. It has all the essence and design class of standard Playmobil and is perfectly compatible with it as well.

As part of our role as Playmobil Playologists Fifi was really kindly gifted this Noahs Ark to test out. As with everything that Fifi does, she tested it to the max. From her hardcore playing I can assure you that Playmobil 123 is the most robust stuff you’ll find. We really enjoyed discussing all the different animals and decided that the zebra’s were the cutest ones in Playmobil style, although it was a hard choice because the elephants were also pretty cool.

One of the lovely things about the Playmobil Noahs Ark is the little carry handle which  means that the ark is really portable. Fifi enjoyed wandering about the house following me around with the ark in hand, as it meant she had a toy to hand whenever I stopped to do some chores.

I reckon this would make a fabulous Christmas or Christening gift for a girl or a boy. They will get absolutely tons of play out of it and it will last for years and years. I don’t need to say anymore do I? If you have a little tot, this is brilliant and they can even take it into the bath as it floats!

The Playmobil Noahs Ark is widely available at the usual toy retailers for between £20 and £30.