Hot Wheels Mid Air Madness Wall Track by Mattel

Last year we reviewed the Hot Wheels Wall Track from Mattel and were lucky enough to be asked to review the New Improved Hot Wheels Mid Air Madness Wall Track, which we have happily done.
The main difference with the new Mid Air Madness track is that it doesn’t rely on kid power but has a battery operated car booster – which is FAB! When we unpacked it I was a little worried about the weight of the unit and whether it would actually stay on the wall. I needn’t have, it is still firmly attached and performing beautifully thanks to the 3M strips provided. It also comes with a poster, which is also the template so when it’s on the wall it has an excellent action background.
The accelerator unit used D cell batteries and shoots the cars out with a scarily impressive force, but fortunately comes with a safety switch so it can’t be used unless it’s fixed to the wall. This is one of my favourite features as I had visions of Small Boy chasing his sister round the house with it, firing cars at her. Once mounted, the car is shot into a receiver hopper and runs round the track, over a jump and back around into the unit to begin the circuit again. With 2 or 3 cars going round the loop, impressive mid air crashes are frequent – a bonus for any child!
The only problem we have encountered with the Mid Air Madness track is similar to that of the original wall track. There are only a certain number of cars that will actually complete the circuit. They seem to fail, not on the upward leg but on the relatively small jump on the return journey. The cars that work effectively seem to be relatively light but with a long wheelbase. We have only found a couple that won’t fire, the humvees and pick-up trucks are too high. Still, this seems to bother me more than small boy. If a car doesn’t make the jump, he just picks it up and puts it back on, or finds another!
Overall, this has all the benefits of the original wall track, it doesn’t take up much floor space, it can be left assembled for instant play, it’s a great price and Small Boy and his mates love it! Added to that is the extra excitement of the shooting cars and the spectacular crashes (downside – bit noisy, so think carefully where you put it!)
I am a big fan of HOT Wheels Wall Tracks, as is Small boy and once again Mattel have come up with an excellent product, which is well thought out, easy to install and gives hours of fun. I must say, I didn’t expect anything less.