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JuJuBe BeFabulous Changing Bag

In my search for the perfect changing bag I came across the BeFabulous bag from JuJuBe and they very kindly sent me one to review. Seeing it on the website it looked like it had everything I could want from a changing bag;  a large bag, spacious enough to hold everything I need for three […]

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The Charlotte 'Dotty' Bag from The Old Bag Company

For a while now Garden Girl has been complaining about my swimming bag. I take the children swimming every week and all our stuff goes into one large bag which Garden Girl describes as ‘a boring old changing bag’. And if I’m completely honest she isn’t wrong. I have been using an old changing bag […]

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Babies in Sheep's Clothing – Lambskin Boots

We were sent these gorgeous little boots for Garden Boy from Babies in Sheep’s Clothing and right now I am wishing I had tiny feet so I could claim them for my own. Handmade from 100% lambskin these boots are going to be well used by Garden Boy this winter. Any of my regular readers […]

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Willvin Changing Bag – Review and Competition

For a little while now I have been searching for the perfect changing bag. I have had the same changing bag for 4 years now and quite frankly it now looks grubby, mis-shapen and old. During this time however, I have been able to discover exactly what I need my changing bag to do for […]


Tommee Tippee Explora Roll 'n' Go Bib

The Tommee Tippee Explora Roll ‘n’ Go bib is a godsend for mums and babies on the move. This BPA free six month plus bib is made from a soft rubbery plastic which means unlike the hard pelican bibs of the past, it does not cut in to your baby’s flesh. The pelican bib is […]

Katvig Kids Clothing at Barnyard Kids

There are clever and stupid ways to spend more than £10 on baby clothing. The stupid way is to buy something branded or with a designer logo on it, the clever way is to buy something made from scrummy organic cotton that you know is ethically made and will last. When the lovely Helene at […]


Silly Billyz Bibs

The Silly Billyz bib is the perfect bib for young babies just starting to wean. Garden Lass at 4 months is just starting to take her first tastes of food but, as you would expect for someone of her age, most of it ends up down her front. The Silly Billyz bib is just the […]

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TaggaRoo Bibs

Garden Lass is starting to get her first teeth and she dribbles constantly. Within half an hour of getting dressed her chest is soaked through, so she has to wear a bib all the time to keep her clothes and her skin dry. Being a third child she has inherited bibs from her older siblings, […]

A Lot to Say Green T- Shirts

A Lot To Say are an American company which sell a range of T-shirts and accessories manufacture ed from recycled PET bottles. They are the only apparel company to have been endorsed by the International Green Energy Council. The range features inspiring and positive statements. They have a really nice looking website here. I was struck […]


MBT: The Anti-Shoe

These shoes are fabulous. I cannot sing their praises enough. I wanted to try them out because I have terrible posture and I had heard that these shoes could help so I was thrilled when MBT sent me a pair to review. And they did not disappoint. MBT stands for Masai Boot Technology and is […]

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