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Our 3 year old is getting better but for most of his life he was determined not to put any foodstuff that was vaguely warm in his mouth. Cries of “too hot!” were almost the first things he said. It was partly our fault because we never warmed his milk when he was a baby, […]

Asda Little Angels Baby Food

Asda Little Angels Baby Food

I have never shopped in Asda, there isn’t one close enough to where i live, but after trying the Asda baby food range I might track one down and stock up. Asda have just relaunched a range of Organic ready made Baby food in plastic packets, rather than jars and although I was super skeptical […]

Asda Little Angels Baby Food

I am a big fan of supermarket own branded goods. They are often of a high quality, but sold at a fraction of the price of alternative products and this is just as true in the baby department as elsewhere. However, one area where supermarkets have failed to offer their own brand is in baby […]

Nakd snack bars

When you’re eating a Nakd snack bar you really have to concentrate on what you’re eating because the taste and texture given by the proper ingredients in the bar are transformed into something entirely different. By “proper” ingredients, I mean when you look at the list of what goes into a Nakd bar, you’ll be […]

Copella English Apple Juice

Copella call their cartons of pure (unconcentrated) apple juice “wedges” and I must admit initially that confused me. Until they arrived in the post at any rate, and I realised they just meant funny shaped carton. They’re a good size for kids and have a sturdy straw, as well as a design that makes it […]

Ella's Kitchen baby food

Weaning a baby feels like a pivotal turning point in the life of your child, the full force of the health visitors eat right campaign spreads out ahead of you like a waiting lion, ready to pounce if you refute the breast and turn the way of satan and proffer the baby jar (or so […]

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Tropicana K1ds

Tropicana K1ds used to be known as Tropicana Go and have to admit that both my boys have previously tried them, so when we were asked to review them we said yes.  It comes in 3 flavours apple, apple and blackcurrant, and orange and pear.  They are sold in multi-packs of four 200ml bottles (RRP […]

Rachel's Dairy Products

Rachel’s sent us a lovely selection of their yoghurts and a divine rice pudding to taste and review and they did not disappoint. The yoghurts were well flavoured and extremely tasty. My favourite was the Greek Style Coconut and the Greek Style Cherry yoghurt was devoured by Garden Dad before I even had a look […]


Plum Baby Snack Range

When Plum Baby sent Garden Lass some of their fabulous baby food to try out they also included some of their healthy snack food which Garden Lass is too young for at the moment. Garden Girl and Garden Boy (ages 4 and 2) didn’t need much persuasion to try them out for me though and […]


Aunt Bessie’s Food Range and Competition: Win an IKEA Kitchen

When I was offered the opportunity to spend £5 worth of vouchers on Aunt Bessie’s food products with the added challenge of coming up with an interesting recipe using Aunt Bessie side dishes, I didn’t need much persuasion. I like a culinary challenge and the Aunt Bessie food range is always quite enticing. We wandered […]

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