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Plum Baby Food

For the past couple of weeks Garden Lass has been dining like a princess, all thanks to Plum Baby. We started to wean Garden Lass at 4 months on the advice of our health visitor and also because she was showing all the signs of being ready. She was reaching forwards eagerly to try and […]


Tommee Tippee Explora Roll 'n' Go Bib

The Tommee Tippee Explora Roll ‘n’ Go bib is a godsend for mums and babies on the move. This BPA free six month plus bib is made from a soft rubbery plastic which means unlike the hard pelican bibs of the past, it does not cut in to your baby’s flesh. The pelican bib is […]

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Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Cupcake Mix – Review and Competition

Last week was National Cupcake Week and to celebrate this, Betty Crocker has launched a new Chocolate Fudge Cupcake mix. When I was offered the opportunity to try a pack out I jumped at the chance – who in all honesty could turn down chocolate cake? Now we love baking in our house. We bake […]

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Peter Rabbit Organic Juices

The nice people at Peter Rabbit Organics sent us some of their fruit juices for the minimads to try.  Now I don’t have the resources to often buy prepackaged drinks, so this was a real treat for the boys and we took them with us when we travelled to Bucklebury for the TRU Toyologist meet […]

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Smarties Pop Up Ice Cream and Calippo Shots

When we are out and about and decide to treat our Little Garden Helpers to an ice cream or ice lolly we always face ice cream or sticky juice running down their front, so we decided to try out the Smarties Pop Up Ice Cream and Calippo Shots because we thought they would be relatively […]

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Apple, Sultana & Cinnamon Frusli bars from Jordans

We were sent a box of Apple, Sultana & Cinnamon Frusli bars from Jordans to try. These bars are made from wholegrain British Oats and and have no artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives or GM ingredients, which is great in my book. Both me and MadDad loved the bars, although they can be a tad sticky, […]

Ainsley Harriott’s Food Range

This week we have been sitting down to some delicious  meals, with very little preparation, courtesy of Ainsley Harriott. And no, sadly he wasn’t in my kitchen preparing our dinner every evening (though Ainsley if you ever read this and fancy popping over, I wouldn’t say no!). No, we have been trying out his range […]


Heinz Beanz Fridge Pack

For me there has never been a better bean than Heinz Beanz. I have tried other brands but somehow they just don’t taste quite right. So I was interested to learn that they were launching a new Heinz Beanz Fridge Pack. How many times have you opened a can of beans, only eaten half and […]

Heinz Salad Cream – A New Flavour

In all its 96 years Heinz have never developed a varient of their Salad Cream; until now! Now I am a big fan of Heinz Salad Cream. It is one of my essential, must always have in the fridge, food stuffs. I have it with almost everything in my sandwiches and I drizzle it over […]


Wayfayrer Meals

Garden Girl’s favourite bit of camping was snuggling down in her sleeping bag and I have to agree with her on that one. However, when we asked Garden Boy what his favourite bit was he said, ‘Breakfast, food and pudding’. Only a boy could give that answer. When it comes to food our camping essentials […]

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