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Kelloggs Choc n Roll Breakfast Cereal

We were asked by Kelloggs if we would like to try some of their new breakfast cereal. As we happen to eat lots of Kelloggs cereals, I thought it might be interesting. I have to admit, I was thinking it would be a sugary kids cereal, so I was surprised when the box arrived and […]

Cheesestrings Spaghetti

A few weeks ago a little bag of fun was delivered to our door. There were no toys in the bag. Just a few packets of the new Cheesestrings Spaghetti. Garden Girl and Garden Boy clamoured to be the first to receive one of the small purple bags and they eagerly ripped them open once […]

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Personalised Lunch Boxes from Getting Personal

The lunch boxes are a good size, larger than some on the market and the name is on both sides. The boys loved the fact that they have their names on and even though neither has packed lunch at school they have both been used a lot over the summer.

Easy Weaning DVD from The Baby Chef

I have to admit that when I first sat down to watch The Baby Chef Easy Weaning DVD I was somewhat skeptical. I mean, really, who needs to be shown how to steam and puree an apple? And yet, when I got out my ironing board and popped the DVD on to watch while I […]

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Review – New Chocolate Weetabix

We were sent a pre-release box of new chocolate Weetabix (which will be available in Sainsburys from 12 July) this week. Now I don’t know about your children, but my two are chalk and cheese when it comes to breakfasts (even though they were weaned the same).  Maxi is a porridge every morning without fail […]

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I heart Mama

In the first weeks of breastfeeding you hear a lot about nipple confusion. Everywhere seems to advise avoiding bottle feeding and dummies before breastfeeding is established. What no-one mentions, months down the line when you’re about to become a pumping mama, is the fear that your older baby, when bottle feeding 50% of the time, […]

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Philips Avent Single Electronic Breast Pump

I remember the first breast pump I ever bought; it was a manual Gerber that we got in Brasil and came with a tiny 70ml bottle that I don’t think I ever managed to fill. It was fairly useless and I even had more luck hand expressing. Seeing as that didn’t go too well either, […]

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Boil in the Bag Bottles

The thought of sterilising my breast pump at work was problematic. We’ve got a microwave steriliser but it’s bulky; I could take it to the office and just leave it in my locker but that wouldn’t leave me any space for the six pairs of shoes I keep there. Then there’s the issue of whether […]

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5Alive and the Dancing Dodo

Do you remember when the Iron Lady lived at Downing Street, Buck’s Fizz won the Eurovision with ‘Making Your Mind Up’ and Diana and Charles tied the knot? How about Rick before Rickrrolling, original Thomas the Tank Engine or Pigeon Street? Do you remember the contents of your kitchen cupboard or perhaps sitting in a […]

Born Free bottles

When I was approached byGreenKiddie which is a really great website about Green Parenting to try some BornFreebottles with Fifi. I was a bit skeptical, she is not a baby anymore and I am trying to wean her off them (in my usual haphazard not very determined manner). I have also grown quite attached to the […]

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