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Mama Never Told Me books by Emily Van Do

Mama Never Told Me books by Emily Van Do

The “Mama Never Told Me” books are based on real comments made to Emily Van Do during her pregnancy and early days of motherhood, with cartoon illustrations by g.f. Newland. You can tell from the image on the cover that these are not books about being a yummy mummy! As a mummy who spends a […]

Morbs Battle Fortress by Flair

Morbs Battle Fortress by Flair

Morbs are a big favourite in our house with Small Boy. He has a few and plays with them a lot! Up until now we have just had the singles but Flair were kind enough to send us a Morbs Battle Fortress to review, so here goes…. For the uninitiated, a Morb is a ‘Morphing […]

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Horrid Henry: The Movie

When Horrid Henry: The Movie arrived through the post I wasn’t sure whether or not my little ones would like it. They haven’t yet been introduced to the TV show or books, so it was all new to them. My little boy is 3 and I wondered if he might be too young, whilst my […]


Giant Connect 4

We love connect 4 in The Mad House and what better than a giant connect 4 that stands at 1.1 meters tall! Buy online: Garden Games £179.99 **** Initial Thoughts: We are a big gaming family here in The Mad House, so I was intrigued to see how the boys took to Giant Connect 4 […]


Air Hunterz Z Curve Launcher

Ever since Small Boy was, well, small he has been besotted with archery. He is desperate to join an archery club and do it properly but sadly is still too young. We have spent quite an amount of money over the past few years on ‘toy’ bows and arrows but none last long. They either don’t […]

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Re-Uz Oilcloth Carrier Bags

I was really pleased when a little package arrived at my door containing this charming Re-Uz Carrier Bag. I had come across the Josoblu website and really loved the range of beautiful and stylish designs they use on their bags. When winter arrives we pull out our big (usually black) warm winter coats and all […]

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks by Mattel

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, you must have seen the fab adverts, but while Small Boy is breathless with wonder, I am a little more sceptical. Being ‘grown up’ has its downsides. When watching the Hot Wheels Wall Track adverts I immediately think ‘I bet they don’t stay up for long’ and ‘That will ruin the paintwork!’ […]

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Barbie: A Perfect Christmas

Barbie: A Perfect Christmas is a must have film to add to your Christmas collection if you have young children. My five year old daughter absolutely loved it and before it had even finished she was asking when she could watch it again. And her younger brother (3 years old) was also tapping his foot […]

Carddies – New Creative Toy Launched For Christmas

The Mummy Reviews Team were offered some new Carddies to try out and it was me who took up the challenge to test them out. Carddies were developed by two sisters with seven children between them on a wet caravan holiday! There are several Carddies sets which you can see on their website here and we […]

Tizi TV for Apple iPads and iPhones

Tizi TV is a solution for a problem you didn’t know existed because it’s outside of what you would normally expect to do with your iPad or iPhone. Once you know what the Tizi TV is and can do, you realise it’s really clever, and like our friend Neil, begin lusting after one. Tizi TV […]