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Trangia Stoves

Trangia stoves have a very good reputation in the world of camping and outdoor activities and rightly so. They are made to use in extreme weather conditions, are lightweight and compact and are made to a high standard. So when we were offered the opportunity to try one out we jumped at the chance. We […]

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Boots: Latest Offers

Bottoms have been quite prominent in our house this last month, with Garden Boy potty training and Garden Lass pretty much filling her nappy with every feed. We are going through wipes at a rate faster than you can blink, so it is quite timely for Boots to have special offers on many of their […]

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Halfords Exodus 470l Black Roofbox and Thule Roof Bars

It was three years ago when we first went camping. We only had Garden Girl then and somehow, despite all the baby paraphenalia, we managed to fit everything in our Clio. We would sit smugly outside our tent watching other campers arrive with their MPV’s and roofboxes and wonder in astonishment how they could possibly […]

Heinz Salad Cream – A New Flavour

In all its 96 years Heinz have never developed a varient of their Salad Cream; until now! Now I am a big fan of Heinz Salad Cream. It is one of my essential, must always have in the fridge, food stuffs. I have it with almost everything in my sandwiches and I drizzle it over […]

Britax B-Smart

I had trouble choosing a pram when I got pregnant, panicked and overwhelmed with the choice I wanted the lovely i-candy and was talked out of it, I lusted after a Bugaboo but that was out of our price bracket. Prams that I could lift and push, my husband had to push sideways (he is […]

Lego Toy Story 3

Video Review You can buy Lego Toy Story 3 products from the Lego Store.


Wayfayrer Meals

Garden Girl’s favourite bit of camping was snuggling down in her sleeping bag and I have to agree with her on that one. However, when we asked Garden Boy what his favourite bit was he said, ‘Breakfast, food and pudding’. Only a boy could give that answer. When it comes to food our camping essentials […]

Big Book Little Book Cardboard Box Review

A week or so ago we were offered a Big Book Little Book Cardboard Box being a clubber in the 1990’s I loved the pun. I also had a look at the website and thought that it was one of the best ideas I have seen in ages. The reason being that I spend a […]

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Vango Nitestar Junior Sleeping Bags

We have just returned from a brilliant week camping in Norfolk and our Little Garden Helpers loved every minute. Ever since Garden Girl was just 9 months old we have been camping for our annual holiday and we never fail to get comments from friends and family that we are brave taking such young children camping. This year was no different, with numerous people querying whether the three children would be able to sleep well in a tent. Perhaps, in previous years, there had been some truth in this, with Garden Girl in particular finding it difficult to get warm at night. This year however, we had no such problems.

Current Bedtime Reading

Friend and blogger Metropolitan Mum recently asked about some of Toddler Boy and Fifi’s favourite books. I’m more than happy to oblige, we love reading books and to be honest buy absolutely loads. I tend to look at the Red House and The Book People websites and grab any bargains that I see. Toddler boys […]