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Re-Uz Oilcloth Carrier Bags

I was really pleased when a little package arrived at my door containing this charming Re-Uz Carrier Bag. I had come across the Josoblu website and really loved the range of beautiful and stylish designs they use on their bags. When winter arrives we pull out our big (usually black) warm winter coats and all […]

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The Charlotte 'Dotty' Bag from The Old Bag Company

For a while now Garden Girl has been complaining about my swimming bag. I take the children swimming every week and all our stuff goes into one large bag which Garden Girl describes as ‘a boring old changing bag’. And if I’m completely honest she isn’t wrong. I have been using an old changing bag […]


Footprint Bag : Stylish and Practical Reusable Shopping Bags

When it comes to ditching the plastic bag I am well intentioned, but frequently unsuccessful. Mainly because I forget things. The other day I visited a friend only to discover when I arrived that I had forgotten to take any formula for Garden Lass. Luckily I only live round the corner but its not the […]